Indian History best important quiz with answers and pdf

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Q.1 Who, among the following Muslim scholars, contributed most significantly to Hindi Literature?

  1. Abul Fazl
  2. Faizi Namaz
  3. Abdur-Rahim Khan-i-Khanah
  4. Abdul Qadir Bandaoni

Q.2 Many details regarding the village administration under the Cholas is provided by the inscriptions at

  1. Kanchipuram
  2. Thanjavur
  3. Uttiramerur
  4. Woriyur

Q.3 ‘Gita Govinda’ as written in the 12th century by

  1. Bana
  2. Bhartruhari
  3. Jayadeva
  4. Ramanuja

Q.4 Who, among the following is remembered to this day by the Rajputas as a model of chivalry and courage and is he hero of many folk ballads?

  1. Jaichand
  2. Prithviraj
  3. Vidyadhara
  4. Parmal

Q.5 The term ‘Apabhramsa’ was used in Medieval Sanskrit texts to denote

  1. Outcastes among the Rajputs
  2. Deviations from Vedic rituals
  3. Early forms of some of the modern Indian languages
  4. Non-Sanskrit verse metres

Q.6 The first Indian ruler to organise Haj Pilgrimage at State expense was

  1. Aurangzeb
  2. Akbar
  3. Firuz Shah Tughluq
  4. Alauddin Khalji

Q.7 “Nitivakymitra” (nectar of Aphorisms on Politics) was written by a Jains writer of the 10th century his name?

  1. Charudutta
  2. Sukra
  3. Kamandaka
  4. Somadeva Suri

Q.8 “Manisha Panchakam” was composed by

  1. Sri Ramanuja
  2. Swami Chinmayananda
  3. Adi Sankara
  4. Swami Tejomayananda

Q.9 Who was the author of Kitab-ul-Hind?

  1. Abu Said
  2. Abul Fazl
  3. Firadausi
  4. Al-Beruni

Q.10 ‘Mattavllasa-Pradhasana’ was written by

  1. Mahendra Varman I
  2. Narasimha Varman I
  3. Narasimha Varman II
  4. Simhavishnu

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