Indian History best important quiz with answers and pdf

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Q.1 The Gandhara School of Art had been established in …. India.

  1. Central
  2. North-eastern
  3. Southern
  4. North-western

Q.2 The architectural raw material generally used in Akbar’s period was

  1. Marble
  2. Brick
  3. Limestone
  4. Redstone

Q.3 Where had Qutub-ud-din Aibak eot conatructed the Adhai-din-ka Jhonpra (Hut ofTwo-and-a-half- Days)?

  1. Agra
  2. Ajmer
  3. Delhi
  4. Fatehpur Sikri

Q.4 Who is the author of Padmawat?

  1. Faizi
  2. Abul Fazl
  3. Malik Mohammad Jaysai
  4. Amir Khusrau

Q.5 The world’s greatest traveller of pre-modern times, believed to have put behind him a distance of over 73000 miles and visited territories the equivalent of about 44 modern countries, is

  1. Marco Polo
  2. Fahien
  3. Ibn-Batuta
  4. Hiuen Tsang

Q.6 The first Sultan of Delhi who had introduced the Practice of Sijda was

  1. Balban
  2. Alauddin Khalji
  3. Iltutmish
  4. Muhammad-bin-Tughluq

Q.7 The Mughal emperor who had died owing to a sudden call from the staircase was

  1. Babar
  2. Shah Jahan
  3. Humayun
  4. Aurangzeb

Q.8 Who among the following had got the Upanishads translated into Persian?

  1. Akbar
  2. Abul Fazl
  3. Jahangir
  4. Dara Shukoh

Q.9 Who is the saint to have written the famous Bijak?

  1. Sant Kabir
  2. Kalidasa
  3. Harisena
  4. Tulsidas

Q.10 Which literary figure of the Gupta period is referred to as the Indian Shakespeare?

  1. Vishakhadatta
  2. Harisena
  3. Kalidasa
  4. None of the above

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