Indian History best important quiz with answers and pdf

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Q.1 The word Jina from which the Jain(ism) has originated stands for

  1. Great
  2. Detached
  3. Non-violence
  4. Conqueror (of senses)

Q.2 India had a brisk foreign trade with the Roman world during the period

  1. Sangam
  2. Pallava
  3. Chola
  4. Vijayanagar

Q.3 The Sanskrit drama which triumph over the Nanda is

  1. Mrichhakatika
  2. Mudrarakshasa
  3. Devichandragupta
  4. Prabodhchadrodaya

Q.4 The rulers of a dynasty of the Deccan who were supposed to be Brahmanas and staunch supporters of Brahmanism were

  1. Satavahanas
  2. Vakatakas
  3. Rashtrakutas
  4. Chalukyas

Q.5 The successors of the Satavahanas in the Deccan were the

  1. Vakatakas
  2. Kadambas
  3. Rashtrakutas
  4. Chalukyas of Badami

Q.6 The painting In the Ajanta Caves shows an Indian king receiving an embassy from the king or Persia. The king receiving the embassy has been identified with

  1. Pulakesin I
  2. Pulakesin II
  3. Rajendra Chola
  4. Dhruva IV

Q.7 The last Nanda ruler of Magadha who was overthrown by Chandragupta Maurya with the help of Chanakya was

  1. Mahapadmananda
  2. Dhanananda
  3. Navananda
  4. Not known

Q.8 The Pallava king who adopted the epithet of Vichitrachitta of curious minded was

  1. Mahendravarman I
  2. Narasimhavarman I
  3. Narasimhavarman II
  4. Simhavishnu

Q.9 River Chenab was known is ancient times as

  1. Parushni
  2. Satudri
  3. Himadri
  4. Asikru

Q.10 According to Ancient Indian legendary sources, Surabhi was a/an

  1. Wish-fulfilling tree
  2. Treasure in the form of a cow, churned from the cosmic ocean
  3. Medicine prepared by Dhanvantri
  4. Intoxicating drink consumed during religious ceremonies in ancient times

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