Indian History best important quiz with answers and pdf

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Q.1 Among the four works mentioned below which one is encyclopaedic in nature?

  1. Mamarakosa
  2. Siddhantasiromani
  3. Ashtangahridaya
  4. Brihat Samhita

Q.2 Who was the Greek ambassador in the court of Chandragupta Maurya?

  1. Megasthanes
  2. Seleucos
  3. Menander
  4. Demetrias

Q.3 Which of the following pairs of various eras and the respective years they commenced from, is wrong?

  1. Saka Era; 78AD
  2. Gupta Era; 320 AD
  3. Vikram Era; 58 AD
  4. Kali Era; 3102 BC

Q.4 The ritualistic precepts pertaining to the hymns of the Vedas are known as the

  1. Samhitas
  2. Aranyakas
  3. Brahmanas
  4. Upanishads

Q.5 The script of the Indus Valley Civilization was

  1. Dravidian
  2. Persian
  3. Sanskrit
  4. Undecipherable

Q.6 The god whose worship had not gained ground in the Rlgvedic period was

  1. Marut
  2. Lord Shiva
  3. Agni
  4. Indra

Q.7 The Digambaras and Shvetambaras differ primarily with regard to their

  1. Choice of god
  2. Philosophical doctrines
  3. Dress
  4. Rituals

Q.8 Ashoka expresses his faith in the Buddhist creed in the

  1. Rummindei inscription
  2. Schism edict
  3. Kandhar inscription
  4. Bhabru edict

Q.9 Which of the following was common to both the Harappan society and the Rigvedic society?

  1. Horse
  2. Female deities
  3. Urban centres
  4. Iron implements

Q.10 The largest urban centre in ancient India had been

  1. Pataliputra
  2. Kausambi
  3. Taxila
  4. Kannauj

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