Indian History best important quiz with answers and pdf

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Q.1 Which of the following are essentially books of rituals?

  1. The Vedas
  2. The Upanishads
  3. The Aranyakas
  4. The Brahmanas

Q.2 The concluding portions of the Brahmanas are called the

  1. Vedas
  2. Agamas
  3. Tantras
  4. Satpathas

Q.3 What does the Yajur Veda contain?

  1. Only hymns
  2. Spells and charms
  3. Hymns and rituals
  4. Commentaries on society

Q.4 The Mahajanapada that acquired prominence to become an empire was that of

  1. Magadha
  2. Kasi
  3. Kosala
  4. Avanti

Q.5 Which of the following forms of land tenure denoted an entire village being donated to Brahmins?

  1. Jagir
  2. Zamindari
  3. Brahmadeya
  4. Devadana

Q.6 What did the Devadana type of a land tenure signify?

  1. Villages donated to Brahmins
  2. Villages donated to the King
  3. Villages donated to the gods
  4. Villages not normally lived in

Q.7 Which of the following is not famous for temples marked by erotic sculptures?

  1. Khajuraho
  2. Madhurai
  3. Halebid
  4. Konark

Q.8 What was the extent of Harsha’s empire?

  1. The entire Indian subcontinent
  2. The whole of India
  3. The entire Deccan region
  4. A part of northern India

Q.9 The Rigvedic Aryans were governed by a

  1. Tribal republic
  2. Form of democracy
  3. Monarchical government
  4. Rule by elders

Q.10 The most Important cause of the downfall of the Gupta empire was/were

  1. Muslim invasions
  2. The pacifist influence of the Buddha’s teachings
  3. Frequent wars of succession
  4. Revolt and declaration of independence by principal chiefs

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