Indian History best important quiz with answers and pdf

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Q.1 The main occupation of the Aryans was

  1. Weaving
  2. Agriculture
  3. Trade
  4. Seafaring

Q.2 The Rig Veda consists of

  1. 1000 hymns
  2. 1028 hymns
  3. 500 hymns
  4. 2000 hymns

Q.3 The Yueh-Chi were driven out from western China by the

  1. Hunas
  2. Rashtrika
  3. Mangols
  4. Bhojakas

Q.4 Which of the following explains the duties of Dharmamahamatras?

  1. The Minor Rock Edicts
  2. The two Kalinga Edicts
  3. Arthasastra
  4. Indica

Q.5 During the Mauryan period was In the hands of

  1. Three boards
  2. Four boards
  3. Five boards
  4. Six boards

Q.6 Which of the following Minor Rock Edicts of Ashoka describes the Conquest of Kalinga by Ashoka?

  1. No. XIII
  2. No. X
  3. No. XI
  4. No. XII

Q.7 Which of the following Vedas is rendered musically?

  1. Rig Veda
  2. Yajur Veda
  3. Sama Veda
  4. Atharva Veda

Q.8 Of the following who was the hero of a famous drama Malvlkagnimitra written by Kalidasa?

  1. Vasumitra
  2. Vajramitra
  3. Pushyamitra
  4. Agnimitra

Q.9 The duties of Dharmamahamatras are explained in the Minor Rock Edict No. ……

  1. X
  2. IV
  3. XII
  4. V

Q.10 Which of the following subjects is not dealt with in the Puranas?

  1. Primary creation
  2. Secondary creation
  3. Genealogies of gods
  4. Arithmetic

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