Indian History best important quiz with answers and pdf

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Q.1 Who usurped power from the Mauryas after killing the last Mauryan ruler Brihadratha?

  1. Pushyamitra Sunga
  2. Agnimitra
  3. Vasumitra
  4. Jyesthamitra

Q.2 The most famous Indo-Greek ruler of India, famous for his sense of Justice and dialogues with a Buddhist monk Nagasena (as described in the Buddhist work Milinda Panho) was

  1. Demetrius
  2. Menander
  3. Eukratises
  4. Heliocles

Q.3 The first great empire to the south of the Vindhayas was of the

  1. Cholas
  2. Cheras
  3. Pandyas
  4. Satavahanas

Q.4 The greatest claim to fame of the Satavahanas is on account of

  1. Pursuing a tolerant religious policy and giving common patronage to Buddhism and Brahmanism
  2. Adoption of Prakrit as their court language in preference to Sanskrit
  3. Great economic prosperity and brisk inland and foreign trade
  4. Great contribution to Indian art as evident from the art of Amravati and Nagarjunakonda

Q.5 Mohenjo-Daro is situated in

  1. Montgomery district
  2. Larkana district
  3. Chandigarh area
  4. Gujarat

Q.6 Which of the following is the oldest of the Vedas?

  1. Sama Veda
  2. Atharva Veda
  3. Yajur Veda
  4. Rig Veda

Q.7 The family of the Rig Vedic Aryans was

  1. Patrilineal
  2. Patriarchal
  3. Matriarchal
  4. Matrilineal

Q.8 Gautama Buddha was brought up by

  1. Mahaprajapati
  2. Mayadevi
  3. Kundavi
  4. Sangamitra

Q.9 Mahavira was

  1. The 20th Tirthankara
  2. The 21st Tirthankara
  3. The 23rd Tirthankara
  4. The 24th Tirthankara

Q.10 The Phrsae the ‘Light of Asia’ is applied to

  1. Alexander
  2. Chandragupta Maurya
  3. Mahavira
  4. The Buddha

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