Indian History best important quiz with answers and pdf

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Q.1 Match the events of the Buddha’s life with the place a of their occurrence:

A. Birth(i) Kusinagar
B. Attainment of knowledge(ii) Sarnath
C. First Sermon(iii) Bodh-Gaya
D. Death(iv) Lumbini


  1. i ii iii iv
  2. ii i iv iii
  3. iii ii i iv
  4. iv iii ii i

Q.2 Buddhism was divided into Mahayana and Hinayana during the reign of

  1. Asoka
  2. Kanishka
  3. Menander
  4. Harsha

Q.3 The great exponent of Mahayana Buddhism was

  1. Ashvaghosa
  2. Vasubandhu
  3. Nagarjuna
  4. Nagasena

Q.4 Jatakas are the stories of

  1. Buddha’s life
  2. Buddha’s previous lives
  3. The lives of the future Buddhas
  4. Great saints of Buddhism

Q.5 Outside India, Buddhism was first accepted in

  1. China
  2. Japan
  3. Sri Lanka
  4. Tibet

Q.6 In the sixth century BC northern India was divided into

  1. Sixteen great states
  2. Eight republican states
  3. Both (1) and (2) above
  4. Anga and Magadha

Q.7 Of all the states in northern India in 6th century BC which of the following states emerged as the most powerful?

  1. Anga
  2. Magadha
  3. Kashi
  4. Kosala

Q.8 When Alexander invaded India, Magadha was being ruled by the

  1. Haryankas
  2. Sisunagas
  3. Nandas
  4. Mauryas

Q.9 Chandragupta Maurya with the help of Chanakya decided to overthrow the Nandas because

  1. Chanakya had been humiliated by the Nandas
  2. The Nandas were low-born
  3. The Nandas had accumulated a great deal of wealth by extortion and oppression of the people
  4. Chanakya wanted to restore the ideal of Kshatriya rule

Q.10 The decline of the Nandas at the hands of Kautilya and Chandragupta Maurya has been vividly portrayed in the Sanakrit play written by Kalidasa

  1. Mudrarakshas
  2. Devichandragupta
  3. Malavikagnimitram
  4. Mrichhakatika

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