Computer Fundamentals Practice MCQ Question and Answer

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Q.1 Which view in PowerPoint can be used to enter speaker comments?

  1. Normal
  2. Slide show
  3. Slide sorter
  4. Notes page view

Q.2 The best way to insert a new slide in a presentation is to use the

  1. Normal view
  2. Special view
  3. Slide show view
  4. Slide sorter view

Q.3 Which is the best view for getting your thoughts for a presentation out on the computer?

  1. Outline view
  2. Notes page view
  3. Slide sorter view
  4. Slide view

Q.4 The boxes that are displayed to indicate that the text, pictures or objects are placed in it is called ….

  1. Placeholder
  2. Auto text
  3. Text box
  4. Word art

Q.5 Which of the following is not a feature of PowerPoint?

  1. Printing transparencies
  2. Printing the speaker’s notes along with slide images
  3. Linking a slide transition with a laser pointer
  4. Drawing with a pen

Q.6 Which option can be used to create a new slide show with the current slides but presented in a different order

  1. Rehearsal
  2. Custom slider show
  3. Slide show setup
  4. Slide show view

Q.7 Which of the following are actions you can assign to an action button or slide object?

  1. Run a macro
  2. Play a sound
  3. Hyper link
  4. All of above

Q.8 One way to make a PowerPoint slide display animations is to:

  1. Select the slide in normal view; and click Format, Animation
  2. Click the PowerPoint window and move it around vigorously with the mouse for a manual animation effect
  3. Select the slide in slide sorter view, right click and choose preset animations from the shortcut menu
  4. PowerPoint does not have an animation feature

Q.9 To give a PowerPoint presentation to a large audience, you:

  1. Set up your computer in a large auditorium, and click large, auditorium, OK
  2. Click the slide you wish the audience to see in normal view, then click the next slide, and so on.
  3. Choose either view, slide show or slide show, view show
  4. Slick slide show, OK

Q.10 Which of the following is not one of PowerPoint’s views?

  1. Slide show view
  2. Slide view
  3. Presentation view
  4. Outline view