Computer Fundamentals Practice MCQ Question and Answer

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Q.1 Which of the following you must first complete in order to delete an object?

  1. Double click the image
  2. Select the image
  3. Resize the image
  4. Move the image to a new location

Q.2 In Microsoft PowerPoint the term used to describe the separation of a clip art object into different parts so that it becomes a PowerPoint object

  1. Embedding
  2. Regrouping
  3. Ungrouping
  4. Grouping

Q.3 In Microsoft PowerPoint auto shapes tool provides you with

  1. Fancy text to place on your slide
  2. Usually found shapes
  3. Any shape you want to add on a slide
  4. Clip art that is related to your presentation

Q.4 In Microsoft PowerPoint the following should be used when you want to add a slide to an existing presentation

  1. File, add a new slide
  2. Insert, new slide
  3. File, open
  4. File, new

Q.5 An organization has a president, vice president, managers and supervisors. On what level of an organization chart are the vice presidents

  1. Fourth level
  2. Third level
  3. Second level
  4. First level

Q.6 In Microsoft PowerPoint press animation effects allows you to

  1. Add clip art images to your slides
  2. Create a custom transition to the next slide
  3. Show bullet items as they are discussed
  4. None of above

Q.7 In Microsoft PowerPoint Animation schemes can be applied to … in the presentation

  1. All slides
  2. Select slides
  3. Current slide
  4. All of the above

Q.8 In Microsoft PowerPoint the following feature allows you to select more than one slide in slide sorter view

  1. Alt + Click each slide
  2. Shift + drag each slide
  3. Shift + Click each slide
  4. Ctrl + Click each slide

Q.9 In Microsoft PowerPoint one thing the common tasks button allows you to do is

  1. Apply a design template to a slide
  2. Insert a new slide
  3. Choose a new layout for a slide
  4. All of above

Q.10 In Microsoft PowerPoint file which contains readymade styles that can be used for a presentations is called

  1. Auto style
  2. Template
  3. Wizard
  4. Pre-formatting