Indian Geography MCQs with answers for UPSC, State PCS

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Q.1 To which group do belong?

  1. Negritoes
  2. Proto-Australoids
  3. Mongoloids
  4. Western Brachycephals

Q.2 The Periyar Game Sanctuary in Kerala is renowned for

  1. Tiger
  2. Lion
  3. Wild elephant
  4. Spotted deer

Q.3 Which sanctuary has been selected as an alternative home for the Indian lion?

  1. Bandipur Sanctuary (Karnataka)
  2. Ghana Sanctuary (Bihar)
  3. Periyar Sanctuary (Kerala)
  4. Chandra Prabha Sanctuary (UP)

Q.4 In which of the following areas is Konkani spoken as the local language?

  1. Kerala and Karnataka
  2. Maharashtra and Goa
  3. Odisha and West Bengal
  4. Andhra Pradesh

Q.5 Where do Birhors live?

  1. Chhattishgrah
  2. Assam
  3. Nagaland
  4. Tamil Nadu 

Q.6 In general it la observed that the rate of population growth has been ………….. in the densely populated areas compared to sparsely populated areas.

  1. Low
  2. High
  3. Negligible
  4. Almost the same

Q.7 After which one of the following tribes of India has a supercontinent of ancient geological history of the world been named?

  1. Santhals
  2. Khonds
  3. Bhils
  4. Gonds

Q.8 Where is the Black Pogoda?

  1. Konark
  2. Khajuraho
  3. Madurai
  4. Egypt

Q.9 Mudumalai Sanctuary famous for elephants and deer is situated in

  1. Assam
  2. Gujarat
  3. Tamil Nadu
  4. Karnataka

Q.10 Which of the following combinations of riven and cities situated on their banks is wrong?

  1. Lucknow – Gomati
  2. Ayodhya – Saryu
  3. Badrinath – Alaknanda
  4. Vijayawada – Narmada