Mountain Peaks

List of Highest Mountain Peaks in India-PDF

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Mountains in India

India is home to seven major mountain ranges that have peaks of over 1000 metres. The most famous and the highest mountain range of India is the Himalayan range.

It is also the youngest and the longest mountain range in India and has almost every largest peak of the world.

Kanchenjunga is the highest mountain peak in India and ranked 3rd highest peak in the world with an elevation of 8,586 m (28,169 ft).

It is situated at the border of India and Nepal in the Himalayas range in Sikkim. Anamudi is the highest peak in the Western Ghats in India and also the highest point in South India.

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Here we compiled statewise mountain peaks in India. You can download pdf file also.

List of Highest Mountain Peaks in India

2UttarakhandNanda Devi7,816Garhwal Himalaya
3UttarakhandKamet7,756Garhwal Himalaya
4LadakhSaltoro Kangri / K107,742Saltoro Karakoram
5LadakhSaser Kangri I/ K227,672Saser Karakoram
6LadakhMamostong Kangri / K357,516Rimo Karakoram
7LadakhSaser Kangri II E7,513Saser Karakoram
8LadakhSaser Kangri III7,495Saser Karakoram
9LadakhTeram Kangri I7,462Siachen Karakoram
10SikkimJongsong Peak7,462Kangchenjunga Himalaya
11LadakhK127,428Saltoro Karakoram
12SikkimKabru N7,412Kangchenjunga Himalaya
13LadakhGhent Kangri7,401Saltoro Karakoram
14LadakhRimo I7,385Rimo Karakoram
15LadakhTeram Kangri III7,382Siachen Karakoram
16SikkimKirat Chuli7,362Kangchenjunga Himalaya
17UttarakhandMana Peak7,272Garhwal Himalaya
18LadakhApsarasas Kangri7,245Siachen Karakoram
19UttarakhandMukut Parbat7,242Garhwal Himalaya
20LadakhRimo III7,233Rimo Karakoram
21LadakhSinghi Kangri7,202Siachen Karakoram
22UttarakhandHardeol7,161Kumaon Himalaya
23UttarakhandChaukhamba I / Badrinath Peak7,138Garhwal Himalaya
24LadakhNun-Kun7,135Zanskar Himalaya
25SikkimPauhunri7,128Sikkim Himalaya
26SikkimPathibhara / The Pyramid7,123Kangchenjunga Himalaya
27UttarakhandTrisul I7,120Kumaon Himalaya
28UttarakhandSatopanth7,075Garhwal Himalaya
29UttarakhandTirsuli7,074Garhwal Himalaya
30LadakhChong Kumdang Ri7,071Rimo Karakoram
31UttarakhandDunagiri7,066Garhwal Himalaya
Kangto7,060Assam Himalaya
Nyegyi Kansang7,047Assam Himalaya
34LadakhPadmanabh7,030Rimo Karakoram
35SikkimShudu Tsempa7,024Sikkim Himalaya
36LadakhChamshen Kangri / Tughmo Zarpo
7,017Saser Karakoram
37LadakhAq Tash7,016Rimo Karakoram
38LadakhChong Kumdang Ri II7,004
Rimo Karakoram
39UttarakhandRishi Pahar6,992Kumaon Himalaya
40UttarakhandThalay Sagar6,984Garhwal Himalaya
41LadakhMount Lakshmi6,983Rimo Karakoram
42UttarakhandKedarnath Main6,968Garhwal Himalaya
43SikkimLangpo6,965Sikkim Himalaya
44UttarakhandSaraswati Parvat I /Saraswati Peak6,940Garhwal Himalaya
45LadakhShahi Kangri6,934Central Tibetan Plateau
46UttarakhandSri Kailash6,932Garhwal Himalaya
47UttarakhandKalanka6,931Garhwal Himalaya
48SikkimChorten Nyima Ri6,927Sikkim Himalaya
49UttarakhandSaf Minal / P.69116,911Garhwal Himalaya
50UttarakhandPanchchuli II6,904Kumaon Himalaya