Indian Rivers and their origin

List of Indian Rivers and their Origin-PDF

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Indian Rivers and their Places of Origin

India has lots of rivers which are not only fulfilling the need of drinking water of increasing population of India but also used for electricity generation.

Apart from that these rivers are main source of water for agriculture.

India has Ganga, Yamuna, Kaveri, Mahi,Godavari,Chambal, Godavri, Sabarmati, Krishna etc.

The major rivers of India are:

  • Flowing into the Arabian Sea : Narmada, Tapi, Sindhu, Sabarmati, Mahi, Purna
  • Flowing into the Bay of Bengal : Brahmaputra, Yamuna, Ganga (with its main tributaries Ramganga, Gangan, Kali or Sharda, Gomti, Yamuna, Chambal, Betwa, Ken, Tons, Ghaghara, Gandaki, Burhi-Gandak, Koshi, Mahananda,Tamsa,  Son, Baghmati), Meghna, Mahanadi, Godavari, Krishna (and their main tributaries), Kaveri.

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Here we compiled the list of India rivers and their origin. You can download pdf file of this article.

List of Important Indian Rivers and their Origin

RiverOriginLengthPlaceDirection of FlowJoin
MahanadhiSihawa Mountain858 kmChhatisgarhCentral India to EastBay of Bengal
BrahmaputraMansarover (Himalayas)3,848 kmTibetNorth to EastBay of Bengal
VaigaiPeriyar Plateau258 kmTamilnaduWest to EastBay of Bengal
ChambalVindhyas1,024 kmMadhya PradeshCentral India to NorthYamuna (Bay of Bengal)
KrishnaMahabaleshwar1,400 kmMaharastraWest to EastBay of Bengal
SabarmatiAravalli Range371 kmRajasthanCentral India to WestArabian Sea
Kaveri Koodagu Hills805 kmKarnatakaWest to EastBay of Bengal
TaptiBetul724 kmMadhya PradeshCentral India to WestArabian Sea
Thamirabarani Agathiyar Hills128 kmTamilnaduWest to EastBay of Bengal
GodavariNasik hills1,465 kmMaharastraWest to EastBay of Bengal
PeriyarCardomom hills244 kmKerelaWest to EastBay of Bengal
LuniPushkar Valley495 kmRajasthanCentral India to WestArabian Sea
IndusKailash3,180 kmTibetNorth to WestArabian Sea
GangaGangotri2,510 kmUttarakhandNorth to EastBay of Bengal
YamunaYamunotri1,376 kmUttarakhandNorth to EastBay of Bengal
NarmadhaAmarkantak1,312 kmMadhya PradeshCentral India to WestArabian Sea