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List of Union Public Service Commission Chairmen

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Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is India’s central recruiting agency for central government public servants.

It is responsible for appointments to and examinations for Group A and Group B posts under civil services cadre and defence services cadre of the union government.

The UPSC’s charter is granted by Part XIV of the Constitution of India, titled as Services Under the Union and the States.

The commission is mandated by the Constitution for appointments to the services of the Union and All India Services.

It is also required to be consulted by the Government in matters relating to the appointment, transfer, promotion and disciplinary matters.

The commission is headquartered at Dholpur House, in New Delhi.

Pradeep Kumar Joshi has been the Chairman of UPSC since August 2020.

Established on 1 October 1926 as Public Service Commission, it was later reconstituted as Federal Public Service Commission by the Government of India Act 1935; only to be renamed as today’s Union Public Service Commission after the independence.

List of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Chairmen

S.No.ChairmanTerm startedTerm ended
1Sir Ross BarkerOctober 1926August 1932
2Sir David PetrieAugust 19321936
3Sir Eyre Gorden19371942
4Sir F. W. Robertson19421947
5H. K. Kripalani1 April 194713 January 1949
6R. N. Banerjee14 January 19499 May 1955
7N. Govindarajan10 May 19559 December 1955
8V. S. Hejmadi10 December 19559 December 1961
9B. N. Jha11 December 196122 February 1967
10K. R. Damle18 April 19672 March 1971
11Ranadhir Chandra Sarma Sarkar11 May 19711 February 1973
12Akhlaqur Rahman Kidwai5 February 19734 February 1979
13M. L. Shahare16 February 197916 February 1985
14H. K. L. Capoor18 February 19855 March 1990
15J. P. Gupta5 March 19902 June 1992
16Rose Millian Bathew (Kharbuli)23 September 199223 August 1996
17S. J. S. Chhatwal23 August 199630 September 1996
18J. M. Qureshi30 September 199611 December 1998
19Surendra Nath11 December 199825 June 2002
20Purna Chandra Hota25 June 2002September 2003
21Mata PrasadSeptember 2003January 2005
22S. R. Hashim4 January 20051 April 2006
23Gurbachan Jagat1 April 200630 June 2007
24Subir Dutta30 June 200716 August 2008
25D. P. Agrawal16 August 2008August 2014
26Rajni Razdan16 August 201421 November 2014
27Deepak Gupta22 November 201420 September 2016
28Alka Sirohi21 September 20163 January 2017
29David R. Syiemlieh4 January 201721 January 2018
30Vinay Mittal22 January 201819 June 2018
31Arvind Saxena (acting)20 June 201828 November 2018
32Arvind Saxena28 November 201824 August 2020
33Pradeep Kumar Joshi25 August 2020Incumbent